Jason has  worked at  a number of  mental health and disability agencies  for approximately 7 years. 


He holds a degree in psychology and philosophy (honours) and is currently completing his Masters by research in Behavioural Psychology (Board Certified Behaviour Analysis Training) through the University of Auckland. His research is on the effectiveness of therapy dogs in increasing physcial activity and reducing anxiety for people with a mental illness and/or autism.


Jason has a great ability to see strengths in an individual that others miss. 


After many years observing companies underestimate the skills of individuals with intellectual disabilities, Jason decided it was time to establish an organisation that focuses  on the strengths of individuals with intellectual disabilities and matches their skills to appropriate and relevant jobs. Similarly, Jason believes that the best way to manage anxiety is to adopt a functional approach, by helping people manage their anxiety in the environment where they experience it.  As a result, Jason primarily conducts outreach sessions (in the individuals natural environment) as  he believes it's the most effective and practical way of managing anxiety.

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