Pinpoint Anxiety Management

Pinpoint uses a functional behavioural approach to managing anxiety. We go into the natural environment, such as the persons home, workplace or school,  and observe where the anxiety is occurring and then  assess what the function of the anxiety is. We then work with the individual in their natural environment using a number of interventions including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), exposure therapy and shaping. We also offer animal-assisted therapy using a certified therapy dog, Luna, to complement our interventions and provide further  reinforcement. Data is collected during all our  sessions, allowing us to monitor whether  or not the intervention being implemented is effective.

Pinpoint's approach is based on the 7 Dimensions of Applied Behaviour Analysis - an effective and practical framework that is supported by the latest research in the field.

1. Generalization: skills/behavior occur in environments other than where they were discretely taught.

2. Effective: interventions are monitored to evaluate the impact on the target behavior.


3. Technological: procedures are described clearly and concisely so that other may implement accurately.


4. Applied: socially significant behaviours are selected.


5. Conceptually Systematic: interventions consistent with principles demonstrated in the literature.


6. Analytic: decisions are data based.

7. Behavioural: observable and measurable behaviours are targeted.

Sniff 'n' Stroll - physical activity, meditation, and anxiety management group sessions -

  • Group for people to manage anxiety and increase social/community participation

  • Every Tuesday from 4:30 - 6:00PM, Prahran Community Learning Centre

  • 40 Grattan St, Prahran

  • $50 per session (NDIS funded)


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the group

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