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Pinpoint Employment Service

What is Pinpoint Employment Service?

Pinpoint also offers an employment service for individuals on the autism spectrum or with Intellectual Disability (ID). Pinpoint doesn’t just match the client to the job, we nurture them through the employment process and monitor them while they settle in to the job to a mastery level. Pinpoint will act as  an intermediary between the organisation and the individual employee. Pinpoint will not only help train the employee, they will train all relevant staff members ensuring the employee and entire team feels comfortable, establishing synergy between the organisation and the individual with autism or ID. Importantly, pinpoint will document the employee’s performance to ensure they meet the expectations of the employer.  

Why should a company hire someone with an Intellectual Disability?


In Australia 2.9% of the population are reported to have an intellectual disability, of which 61% are not in the labour force. Thus, a substantial portion of our population is being undervalued.  The social and cultural benefits of employing a person with a disability, has been proven to create a more positive working environment, greatly enhancing productivity in the workplace. According to Autism Speaks, a leading USA advocacy group, 92% of Americans view companies hiring individuals with disabilities more favourably than those that do not, and 87% would prefer to give their business to companies who hire people with a disability.

What does it cost?


Pinpoint is a registered NDIS provider, offering  a service to individuals as part of their package. Ongoing training and consultation fees will be negotiated between pinpoint and the organisation.

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